A Taste of Costa Rica

Quick Pickled Shrimp

Quick Pickled Shrimp

When we’re in Costa Rica eating out, whether lunch or dinner, one of our favorite dishes is ceviche.  Now a lot of people shy away from the dish because the seafood with which it is prepared is “cooked” in a base of lemon juice and/or vinegar and various herbs and spices and has to cure for hours.  We found this recipe for Quick Pickled Shrimp and wanted to give it a try.  In only 40 minutes we had a ceviche which was as close to the the slow “cooked” version as you will find.  Par boiling the shrimp beforehand cuts WAY down on the wait time and the combination of onions, garlic and jalapeno gave the dish just the right pizzazz.

So if you want to try a taste of Costa Rica at home, this is the one to try.


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